Live the EuroLeague Experience!

Experience a Turkish Airlines EuroLeague game and tell us how it was!

We want you to attend a live EuroLeague game, so that you can tell us how your experience was. We want your feedback to keep growing and providing the best possible experience to all of our fans!

Exchange Group

Interact with other insiders from your city in a WhatsApp group

As a FanZ Lab Insider, you will be part of a selected group of individuals that will form an exchange group, all in your native language!

A moderator will be with you to lead the conversations, ensuring that we get the most valuable insights from you!

Digital Sessions

Join digital sessions lead by a moderator where you can pitch your ideas directly to us and discuss any topics you want with EuroLeague executives!

This is your time to shine! Help us conceive the EuroLeague of tomorrow with your original ideas. Share your vision with us. 

Online Survey

You will be tasked with completing one online survey

This online survey won't take much of your time, and it will allow us to know more about you, aobut the way you follow the EuroLeague and how we can make a bigger impact in your life!